Learn how to stake crypto on Stakbank and earn
staking rewards.


Earn rewards, utility and governance tokens on your crypto

The Easy way to earn

Staking cryptos and monitoring them is difficult. Staking STAK in just a couple taps.

Earn automatically

Rewards are calculated per block. They will appear in your account automatically and ready to be claimed/compounded.

Start with how much you want

Earn rewards with as little as $1 in STAK. The more you stake, the more you earn.

Your assets are secure

Staked crypto is protected and secured. All processes are repeatedly audited and tested.


Govern and be rewarded by
the entire Jigstack ecosystem


Staking Your STAKs you will have a voice in future decisions in the Jigstack ecosystem. Are you ready to become a Leader?


Earn from the ecosystem

The network takes 1% from each transaction of each Jigstack product and a portion of these is distributed to STAK holders. Plus participate in the division of 1% IDOs Token on Lemonade (launchpad).


Earn incentives

For the first year since the Stakbank launch, +20M STAK are allocated to incentivize participation in staking and governance.




For the first year since the Stakbank launch, 6M STAK are allocated to incentivize Uniswap LPs.



How does it work?

Stakbank is the staking
solution for Jigstack native
token, STAK.

Use your favorite wallet to log into the platform thanks to integration with Metamask.

Approve the transaction and stake your STAK or Uniswap LPs tokens. Start earning immediately. Stakbank allows users to withdraw funds at any time without repercussions. However, to earn rewards, users must adhere to the commitment period outlined by the platform.

Start earning now and withdraw your rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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